Center Yourself - Angela Blanchet, Medium & Intuitive Life Coach
Aura Readings  

We are all energy in a human body. In the same way that each of us has a unique fingerprint, every human being on earth has a unique aura-chakra blueprint that provides helpful information on how to bring balance into your life. 
We are now offering advanced aura imaging with the Aura Master Pro This biofeedback aura imaging system, combined with the intuitive guidance and aura reading ability of Angela Blanchet, will help clients to understand better their energy imbalances and how to make improvements for their health and well being. 

Mini Aura Reading - approximately a 30 minute session provides you with basic information on your aura colors, aura size and chakra activity. You will leave with a 1 page printout that includes an aura photo and chakra graphs plus suggestions by Angela to help improve your aura   $60

Complete Aura Reading
 - in this 1 hour session, you will receive an in depth 20 page printout with details about your aura, chakras and body, mind and spirit activity. Along with her psychic intuition, Angela will interpret this information to help you understand how to improve your aura to better balance your life. Aura photo along with real time aura imagining is included. With real time aura imaging watch your aura change in response to healing energy. $120

Please email or text for an appointment or more information
(631) 745-3552

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