Center Yourself - Angela Blanchet, Medium & Intuitive Life Coach
Angela's Journey   
  For over 10 years I have been working as an intuitive medium..   My gift of mediumship developed after enduring many years of physical challenges and a ridiculous number of surgical procedures.  As a matter of fact, throughout these physically challenging years, I often found myself as the client of a reader asking questions like "Is my health going to be ok?" and "Why is this happening to me?" Although at the time the responses I heard seemed unrelated and unimpressive, I was often told that "somehow this is all changing you and preparing you to help others". I didn't understand what that meant.  After many years of frequenting the psychic circuit of readers on a quest for answers to what seemed like  the never ending cycle of pain and surgery, I met a reader that stood out from the rest.  She came to my home one day to read for me and a group of my friends. It was a gathering, planned on my part, to entertain and distract me from the health challenges I was facing.  She knew things about me.....that nobody told her, like that I had a special needs son.  She also took my hands, looked me in the eyes and said "You are going to be sitting where I am, you too are a medium meant to give messages to others."  Although I have long forgotten exactly who this woman was, I will always remember that moment because that was the day that my life began to change, and as a result what I am now able to see is forever different.
  It was that very same night when it all began for me...........randomw pictures flashed before me like looking through a view master.  But it was strange because all of these images seemed to be so pointless to me at the time.  What did it matter that when I spoke to my girlfriend on the phone that I saw imagesof the brownies she was baking or the UPS package at her front door?  It was all very interesting, but I didn't comprehend how these fleeting photographs in my mind would help people, or even matter to them at all.  It wasn't long after that with these pictures came added information....voices, names, scents, symbols and numbers.  This was a whole new language, and if I wanted to learn it, and relay any of the meanings behind it, then I needed to study and practice.               
                   For awhile, I practiced my new foundned clairvoyance on only my closest of friends.  At this point I was hesitant to disclose to my family what I was experiencing, partly because I wasn't sure how they would react and partly because I didn't quite understand it all myself.  I found myself startled when I began to see a pattern developing.  I would hear a name and ask my friend what that name meant to them.  Too often the response would be that the name was a family member, but they are dead! Dead? What? I couldn't wrap my brain around what was going on here.....was I actually communicating with someone from the other side? Maybe, but I wasn't about to find out.  My fear set it and I called it quits.  That was, until I received a phone call from my sister early one morning. 
                         Still unaware of my newly found metaphysical experiences, my sister called me on morning and asked "Are you okay"? When I said "yes, why?" She replied, "Well, I had the strangest dream last night.  I dreamt that God came to me and said to tell you to keep doing what it is you are doing, because it is very important and you are protected and loved".  I am so grateful to my sister for relaying that message, because she didn't realize the significance that it held.  That was such a pivotal day for me on this journey because it was at that point that I embraced this gift, let go of the fear, and started my work as a medium.  I was called to be a deliver validations, love and support to people from their loved ones who have crossed over. 
  Years have passed now and I am so grateful for my experiences working as a medium.  I am grateful to have brought healing to others and to be a part of the awakening that people experience when they receive validations from family crossed over.  However, recently I have been given the message that my work is once again meant to be changing.  I have learned so much through the psychic medium readings, and a lot has been to my surprise.  I have learned about how the universe is working with us daily to help us manifest all of our desires.  That we are being guided to be on our Soul's Purpose path and that we have power to manifest significant changes in our lives.  My mission now is to share what I have learned through my communication with spirit by providing  Life Path readings and help people stay on a high vibration and a path toward enlightenment so they can lead the life they are meant to and experience the love and joy that the Universe and God wants for them..  We all have experiences and lessons that we are learning here on Earth..  This is our school.  It's what we do with those lessons that really matter. 
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